HowTo: Install Photoshop in Ubuntu

1 11 2006

Okay, as of this time of writing, the currently supported version of Photoshop in Linux is Photoshop 7.0, although you could, I know some have, also install version 8.0, which is more popularly known as Photoshop CS. Installing it on any Linux Operating System is easy if you have CrossOver Office which can be bought from CodeWeavers. Unfortunately, most of us do not have the luxury of buying software, which is why we installed Ubuntu and not Windows in the first place! (Although theoretically, you would have still bought Photoshop if you’re reading this How-To, ANYWAY). Lucky for us, there is an alternative, and it’s called WINE – which stands for Wine Is Not [an] Emulator (I think, or maybe it doesn’t stand for anything). Wine is an Open Source implementation of the Windows API on top of X and Unix. It can run a lot of popular Windows programs under Linux.

I’m not sure if these instructions are the same for all flavors of Linux, but here’s how you install Wine and use it to run Photoshop under Ubuntu.

First, make sure that you’ve read and done the stuff I babbled about adding extra repositories in Ubuntu in this HowTo. Next, let’s install wine by going on the terminal (Applications->Accessories->Terminal) and typing the following:

sudo apt-get install wine

Ubuntu should be able to install it for you automatically. Once it’s done, you’re all set to install your Photoshop. Get your copy of Photoshop 7.0 or OR CS (8.0) and insert it on your CD-ROM drive.

Side Note: For those of you who saved your copy of Photoshop (for back-up purposes of course) on an ISO file, you can quickly mount this ISO file on Ubuntu by doing the following on the terminal, be sure you’re on the directory where your ISO file is located:

sudo mkdir /media/iso
sudo modprobe loop
sudo mount file.iso /media/iso -t iso9660 -o loop

Once we have the Photoshop CD either in /media/ISO or /media/cdrom, let’s run the setup program under wine:

wine /media/ISO/setup.exe

The setup program of Photoshop should start momentarily. Warning: If you’re installing Photoshop CS, before clicking next on the first dialog box, be sure to move the dialog box a couple of inches downwards. The reason for this is that a warning dialog box will appear after you click next and it will appear behind this previous dialog box, and you won’t be able to click the OK button of that warning. Alternatively, you may just press [ENTER] after clicking next. (This may sound confusing, but just wait until you get to that annoying dialog box and you’ll see what I mean. For Photoshop 7.0 users, just ignore what I said, haha). The installation should run smoothly, and Photoshop would have been installed afterwards.

After the installation has completed, you may now run Photoshop under wine! Go to Nautilus (the Windows Explorer counterpart of Ubuntu, Places->Home Folder). Here, the default setting is to hide Hidden files, but we don’t want this because Wine installs applications under a hidden directory. So let’s tell Ubuntu to show us the hidden files by toggling it under the “view” menu.

View->Show Hidden Files, or simply press [CTRL]+[H].

Some other folders should appear now, look for the folder “.wine” (yes, with a ‘.’ preceding it) and double-click it. Now, enter the folder “drive_c”. The directory structure should be familiar from Windows. You should now locate the “Program Files” directory, then the “Adobe” directory, and lastly, your Photoshop directory. Once you’ve found it, simply double click Photoshop.exe and let Wine do it’s magic. ًں™‚

Final notes: If installation or running the program under Wine doesn’t work, try configuring the Wine to run under “Windows 2000” mode. To do this, go to the terminal and type:


Under the “applications” tab, locate the “windows version” setting near the bottom of the window. Set that to “Windows 2000” and click OK.



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10 responses

4 12 2006

Works Great, Thanks! I can’t get CS2 to work, but i can live with CS.

13 01 2007

i don’t mean to bugg in, but why not use the gimp instead of photoshop. it’s got tons of features and whatnot? and does photoshop really work that good in linux?

11 05 2007
Mateusz Heyn

Thanks for the tutorial, I did not use it to install photoshop, but it helped me install a few other applications in Fedora by giving me an overview of WINE itself.

16 05 2007


I’ve ‘successfully’ installed PS……
When i start it(WinXP or Win2000)all the required windows appear and seems perfect BUT it freezes. I can minimize/maximize the main window…..only the inside windows/panels seem to freeze.
I know i need to activate it and a window should appear asking me to activate PS-CS but it dont……….Maybe its that window thats causing this? I cant click on the top tool bar eg.File, Filter, Help.
I uninstalled and reinstalled Wine but it dont seem to have made any difference. However, i did try and install PS-CS2 before this. I managed to start it but i couldnt get it activated(i couldnt seem to import the regedit file from windows) maybe i messed something in the wine registry?
I did removed all old PS-CS2 files from /.wine/drive_c/ProgramFIle/
Any idea of what i could do to get this working? :/

Thank you…..

23 03 2008
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1 04 2008

nice post you’ve got here for ubuntu users!

keep it up !

25 04 2008
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25 04 2008

nice post you’ve got here for ubuntu users!

keep it up !

26 03 2012

Does not work for the Creative Suite 1 (PS, Illustrator, etc – whole package). The autorun application starts, the single setups as well (like ps setup), but the common “creative suite setup” will not work with wine.

That’s very bad, because my license key is for whole creative suite, not for the single products – so it doesn’t work ًںک¦

14 05 2013

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