Pandora Internet Radio

2 11 2006

This one’s for the music fans out there – Pandora Internet Radio. It was first introduced to me by my good friend Migo while we were doing our project for our web programming class (PHP). At first I thought he was playing MP3s of music from his hard drive, but when I started to hear Beatles medleys, I knew this wasn’t something that you can simply download off the net or rip from CD’s.

Created by the Music Genome Project, this web application plays hundreds of thousands of music based on your taste and mood. It has an archive of over 10,000 different artists! As a guest user, you can play 10 songs from their archive, after which you will be asked to register – for free. All you need is an e-mail address and you’re good to go.

Here’s how it works: first, you are asked to give a song title, or an artist name. The engine will then search for your query and look for songs which are similar to that artist or song. For instance, when I search for Jason Mraz, Pandora will give me a play list with songs “that exemplifies the musical style of Jason Mraz which feature minor key tonality and acoustic rhythm guitars”[1]. It’s smart enough to recognize patterns in the songs and search for music similar to what you inputted, and creates a play list for that particular genre. And all of this is happening right at your Internet browser, so you can just leave that window open to listen to songs.

Of course, due to copyright and such, you may not play a particular song or artist. When you search for song titles or artists, Pandora always creates a play list for that genre. But of course, if you type in “Beatles”, majority of the songs in the generated play list will be Beatles songs, since they are quite unique. And sometimes, when you type in a particular song, it will be included somewhere in the play list.

Pretty cool stuff. Since then, I’ve always tuned in to Pandora. Even when I’m researching/studying at our school’s library.

Pandora Internet Radio

[1] Written on the message box that Pandora displays when you create play lists.

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2 responses

2 11 2006
Mark Punzalan

Awesome site! Thanks for the tip!

2 11 2006

Uy Punzi! No problem, I’m glad you liked it. 🙂

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