Quick Tip #2: Turn your CAPS LOCK key into RETURN

4 11 2006

Last night, Ealden and I were talking about ACM when he mentioned to me that the Chinese contestants were used to changing their CAPS LOCK key into RETURN (enter), via the System Registry, for faster typing. So I thought, hey, why don’t I research on how to do that, it’d be pretty cool!

So here it is, I made two Windows Registry files: (1) CAPStoRETURN.reg, and (2) CAPStoCAPS.reg. Obviously, CAPStoRETURN.reg maps your CAPS LOCK button to RETURN. Just download the file and double-click it. And when you really REALLY miss your CAPS LOCK button already because YOU CAN’T TYPE SENTENCES CAPITALIZED LIKE THESE, then use the second file to turn it back to it’s original state. Pretty simple. 🙂

Note: I think this only works for Windows XP and Windows 2000, and you would need administrative priviledges to edit your system registry.

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4 responses

22 03 2007

ooh..interesting.. heavily noted. heehee!

9 05 2007

I find it useful to make it an extra control key instead. It’s especially useful with laptop keyboards, when you have to twist your left hands slightly to use your pinky to hit the control key; RSI sucks.

In x11 or xorg, you can do this by adding this to your keyboard InputDevice section:

Option “XkbOptions” “ctrl:nocaps”

I used to do this on Windows via a registry hack too.

17 11 2009
Cricket La Chica

Damn it past-self, why’d you have to host the files on your old site, which doesn’t exist anymore??? Now I’m stuck with this laptop of yours with the stupid CAPS LOCK key still stuck and mapped to the [Enter] button. I need that reset script!

— Your Future Self (2009)

17 11 2009

haha, parang yung geocities fail ko lang

btw re: “administrative priviledges” should be: “administrative privileges”

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