The USB Fan

7 11 2006

USB FanIf you’re an ultimate geek like me, then I bet you have one of these babies in your arsenal – the USB Fan. I first saw it while I was having my OJT in BlogStar, my boss, Sir WYu had one connected to his laptop since airconditioning was only turned on late in the morning, and it was a bit warm before that.

The USB Fan plugs directly into any USB port on your laptop, and/or PC. It has an adjustable neck, which is really flexible and can bend in all directions. It doesn’t need any other external power source since it has a low power consumption. And to top it off, it comes with a bonus – a handy dandy reliable LED at the tip of the fan.

Good stuff! And I know only of one place that sells it. It’s amazing, really. The weird and geeky things that you can find from CD-R King. Only for P150.00 🙂

Some pictures of The USB Fan in action:

USB Fan (Dark) USB Fan (Light)

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4 responses

8 11 2006

are you now a big fan of the usb fan? 😀

10 11 2006

Haha, I use it everyday!

11 11 2006

lol… that one is cute… if the time came that i would need it bibili ako! lol.. kakaiba!

18 12 2006
Ealden Escañan


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