HowTo: Add XGL Compiz like Functions to MacOSX

7 04 2007

Xgl Compiz ScreenshotFor the Linux enthusiasts here, you guys might be familiar with XGL or Compiz composing window manager. It’s basically an eye-candy that makes use of your graphics accelerator card’s power. One of the most popular features of compiz is the ability to switch between desktops or workspaces by showing an animation of a cube rotating. It gives you the illusion that your desktop is actually a cube, with each of the faces representing a workspace.

You can actually have the same effect on a Mac. You need only to download a freeware called Desktop Manager. Although I admit that I am lying here, it doesn’t sport all the features of XGL Compiz, only the part about animating the switch on workspaces and most importantly adding workspaces to your MacOSX. I named the article as such because these are the popular functions of XGL Compiz, at least for me, and that’s what I think people will be searching for.

Here’s Desktop Manager’s description from it’s website:

Desktop Manager is a free virtual desktop manager that places an unobtrusive desktop pager in the menubar and allows fast switching of desktops either with hotkeys or by clicking in the pager. It is designed to be fast, lightweight, and Just Works. It is released under the GNU General Public License.


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