Hate Technology #1: Automated Flush

10 08 2007

One of the things that really frustrate me is the automated flush in toilets.  I mean, okay, it will definitely help with hygiene and keeping the comfort room clean.  But it really gets annoying when the sensors are so sensitive!  Just this night, I was happily attending nature’s call, when that stupid automated flush kept disturbing our meeting.  During the entire session it auto-flushed at least 5 times.  To make things worse, sometimes the water even splashes all the way up (eww, haha).

Even the auto-flushes in the urinals tend to get annoying when it auto-flushes in the middle of my relief, like it’s taking revenge.

Okay, it may help keep comfort rooms clean but it definitely doesn’t help conserve water.

Bad trip.


Mga Tugon


4 responses

11 08 2007

I would rather have an interruptive autoflush than not have any forms of flush 🙂

// provides the user with an idea of what it feels to not have flush
System.Imagination.Draw("Things that fall in the urinal that should get flushed away because it's unhygienic or disgusting for the next user");

17 08 2007

haha appear cricket! ayoko rn nyan. d earth-friendly!

20 08 2007

Apir! Nakaka-inis eh. Pag umiihi ako, 2-3 times nagfa-flush yung urinal. Feeling ko makaka-save ang building namin ng hundreds of thousands of gallons of water per year kung hindi na siya auto-flush. I mean, civilized people naman siguro yung mga nagta-trabaho sa amin diba? Hindi naman kami average people who don’t have the decency to flush the toilet after using it.

4 09 2007

sosi sya pero yucky… hahahha

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