The USB Fan

7 11 2006

USB FanIf you’re an ultimate geek like me, then I bet you have one of these babies in your arsenal – the USB Fan. I first saw it while I was having my OJT in BlogStar, my boss, Sir WYu had one connected to his laptop since airconditioning was only turned on late in the morning, and it was a bit warm before that.

The USB Fan plugs directly into any USB port on your laptop, and/or PC. It has an adjustable neck, which is really flexible and can bend in all directions. It doesn’t need any other external power source since it has a low power consumption. And to top it off, it comes with a bonus – a handy dandy reliable LED at the tip of the fan.

Good stuff! And I know only of one place that sells it. It’s amazing, really. The weird and geeky things that you can find from CD-R King. Only for P150.00 🙂

Some pictures of The USB Fan in action:

USB Fan (Dark) USB Fan (Light)

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Star Wars FX Lightsabers

1 11 2006

Star Wars FX LightsabersEver dreamt you had one of those cool lightsabers that Star Wars Jedis get to swing around the galaxy with, but can’t because those things are made from lithium crystals which are only available in Lucas’s dream world? Well, here’s the closest you can get to having a real Jedi/Sith lightsaber – the Star Wars FX Lightsaber from

Some of it’s cool features include: (1) Glowing blades which ignite with realistic up/down lighting effects, (2) authentic digital sounds which sound like real lightsabers, (3) motion sensors which control these sound effects, (4) a durable metal hilt which looks and feels like the real lightsabers that Jedis and Siths use, (5) a sturdy blade which is permanently attached to the hilt.

There are actually five different types of lightsabers to choose from, taken from the description in, the choice you make will determine your destiny:

  1. Darth Maul – Red Blade – (episode I A Phantom Menace) (Can be assembled as a double bladed lightsaber or used as two, battle damaged, single blade lightsabers.)
  2. Darth Vader – Red Blade – (episode V Empire Strikes Back)
  3. Anakin Skywalker – Blue Blade – (episode III Revenge of the Sith)
  4. Mace Windu – Purple Blade – (Episode II Attack Of The Clones)
  5. Obi Wan – Blue Blade – (Episode III Revenge of the Sith)

Pretty cool stuff!

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